My husband, Nick assists me at every wedding and he is your videographer if you choose to add video coverage to your wedding package.

We don't simply set a video camera on a tri-pod at the back of the aisle at your ceremony. Our professional 1080p High Definition video camera is mounted on a monopod for stability so Nick is able to move about quickly and easily at various points during the ceremony and reception for ideal angles and to avoid the photographer or someone else getting in the way of your video.

We have top-of-the-line video equipment including a digital video camera which records in full High-Definition along with wireless microphones we use to capture quality sound throughout your wedding day. 

Just before your ceremony, we will attach and hide a lapel microphone on the groom. This allows us to capture both the bride and groom's vows clearly without the interrupting sounds of guests coughing, a baby crying or other background noise that might occur during your ceremony. The lapel microphone will not interfere with any other sound system being used at your ceremony venue but will simply feed the sound directly to our video camera for use during editing.

After the ceremony the rest of your day is simply captured on video as it happens. The video clips will later be edited down and seamlessly stitched together to create a video encompassing all of the elements of your wedding day. Your entire video is laid to soundtrack to enhance your viewing experience. The end result is a beautiful video with a full trailer and selectable chapters and scenes that you, your friends and family will enjoy watching!

Video is a great complement to your wedding photographs as still photos cannot always capture the moment or the sound accompanying that special moment. You will be so glad you have your video to share with your children down the road and to help you re-live your big day by simply hitting 'Play'.