Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Travel for Weddings?
We are happy to travel for your wedding! We frequent Jamestown and the surrounding areas of Chautauqua County as well as Warren, PA; and we have a flat travel fee of $150 to travel to Bradford, PA and Buffalo, NY. We love going to new locations and areas and finding inspiration there! If your wedding will cause us to travel more than thirty miles outside of our usual territory, we charge a travel fee of the current IRS mileage rate and we will be happy to provide a quote for you if you let us know where your wedding location is! If your wedding location is far enough away that it will require airfare and/or an overnight stay the airfare and/or hotel fee may be added to your wedding package in the form of a travel charge.

What is Your Turnaround Time for Photos?
I will have your wedding photographs edited and posted to your password-protected online gallery no more than four to six weeks after your wedding day. My goal is to get your wedding photos to you as quickly as possible, but I allow myself plenty of turnaround time to ensure I can keep up with the busiest part of my wedding season with multiple back-to-back wedding weekends. I also allow a little extra time as a buffer in the case of sickness or a family emergency. If for any reason there are extenuating circumstances that will cause your turnaround time to exceed the allotted four to six week period, you will be contacted immediately with an explanation and updated turnaround time.

How Far In Advance Should We Book?
Your wedding photographer should be the first thing you book after you secure your wedding date and venue!

Unlike florists, caterers and cake bakeries, there is only one of me and I can only photograph one wedding at a time! I do not contract or hire-out so when you book Priceless Studios Photography, I will be your photographer and Nick will be my assistant and your videographer if you were to purchase a video package.

In order to ensure we are refreshed and ready for all of the events of your big day, we make it a practice to only book one wedding per weekend. We also only accept a certain number of weddings per year to make sure we can give each of our wedding and portrait clients the Priceless experience they deserve.

What Happens if Your Equipment Fails the Day of Our Wedding?
We are professionals and therefore we plan for the worst case scenario! We make sure we have two of every piece of equipment in case of a failure. We have two professional-grade DSLR digital cameras as well as two flash units and double of all of the accessories that go with it. We keep multiple batteries on hand as well as chargers to ensure we can cover your big day from start to finish.

What If The Photographer is Sick the Day of Our Wedding?
I have photographed over seventy weddings in my six year career and have only been sick for three weddings in that time-frame. I have never missed a wedding and it would have to be a sickness so severe that I am on my death-bed to keep me from fulfilling my contract and photographing your wedding! Although it is not very pleasant to work a full day with a sinus cold, I have yet to call in sick!

What is Required to Book Priceless Studios for Our Wedding?
I require a $500 down payment as a non-refundable down payment to be paid along with a completed and signed wedding contract to secure your wedding date. This will also lock you in at our current pricing rate so if our prices were to change before your wedding, you would not be required to pay any extra fees or the difference of the new package pricing. Because I only book one wedding per day and per weekend, your down payment is non-refundable once your date has been secured with payment and contract as I will inform other inquiries for that date that I am already booked and will refer them to other photographers. I do not keep a waiting-list and I do not allow my clients to out-bid a client who has already booked their wedding with me.

The balance is due two weeks before your wedding day. Usually around this time we will set up your final wedding consultation to go over your wedding day timeline, formal photo request list and other day-of details. I require payment before the wedding day for a few different reasons: first, I do not like to ask for money on your wedding day! It feels very tacky and I feel like it distracts me from my job for the day which is to capture every moment of your big day. I want to be able to focus completely on my job that day instead of trying to collect payment from you! Also, by paying your balance in advance, I am able to get started on working on your wedding images right away to ensure I stay within my turnaround time-frame and that I do not have to wait to release your wedding images until payment is received. I don't want you to have to worry about mailing a check the minute you get back from your honeymoon!